Swimming Lessons

Trainer teach how to swim — Swimming Lessons in Murfreesboro, TN
Beyond Aquatics's Learn-to-Swim program allows for convenient, one-on-one swimming instruction tailored to your schedule. Our professionally trained instructors create a fun and friendly learning environment for toddlers and adults. Beyond Aquatics will have you or your little one swimming in 7 to 10 easy learning sessions.


Conquering Water Phobia

Beyond Aquatics emphasizes comfortability when teaching our guests how to swim. Being afraid of water may sound silly, but aquaphobia is a real condition that affects all ages. Imagine a child or teenager who passes on a birthday party with friends because swimming is involved. Instead, they stay home, seclude themselves and miss out on necessary social interaction needed during their developmental years. Beyond Aquatics will guide you through our Learn-to-Swim program at your own pace.
Woman teach to swim — Swimming Lesson in Murfreesboro, TN

Special Notes

  • Children must be 6 months old to start lessons
  • We do offer a Mommy and Me class for babies
  • Parents can stay and watch or drop kids off